Suzhou Huike Technology Co., Ltd.
was founded on February 20, 2000

Joining together to realist the dream

Suzhou Huike Technology Co., Ltd. was founded on October 30, 2000, located in Xinzhuang Industrial Development Zone, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, with a registered capital of RMB 10 million. Now with a fixed assets of RMB 75 million, more than 200 employees and more than 30 engineering technicians among them, it has the develop, design, manufacturing capability of electronic dedicated equipment and perfect installation, debugging as well as after-sales service.

Create new furnace technology, and continue to explore the future of kiln business with customers

The company mainly produces a series of pusher kiln, mesh-belt kiln, atmosphere protection kiln, widely used in electronic components, powder, ceramics, glass, PDP, LCD, LED, OLED, solar energy, new energy power battery materials and other fields. They are applied to pre-firing, debinding, firing, drying, silver burn-in, heat treatment, curing, ceramic metallization and other processes for all kinds of products. The company's products have a broader market prospects and have strong competitiveness among the industry.

Company talent concept: While realizing personal dreams, create corporate culture; while embodying personal value, create of corporate future.
The company invites far-sighted personnel to join Huike's business: we advocate diligence, enacting, dedicating, studiousness. We respect to moral quality, professional quality, technical skill, work experience as priority.
Company philosophy: people oriented, strive to treat each employee fairly and make every effort to create personal development space for the staff; we believe that the development of the company depends on the efforts of each employee. Huike needs your wisdom, knowledge, efforts and giving. Welcome to join us!



Suzhou Huike Technology Co., Ltd.
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